Socio Economics

Our sourcing is aimed at purchasing tuna from companies located in coastal states which have their own tuna resources. Aim of our policy is that coastal states are in the best position to manage their own oceans resources in cooperation with the regional tuna management organizations, and benefits of these resources should preferably benefit the local economy and population of these states. Most tuna fishing countries are developing nations, and sustunable is actively trying to develop new tuna projects with local governments and companies.

The vessels fishing for sustunable should preferably be owned by local companies – either fully owned by locals or part of joint-venture agreements. Vessels should employ preferably local sailorman. The tuna catch in each country should clearly benefit local communities, in terms of work and income.
Fishing companies should provide good living and working conditions on board – which need to meet the BSCI ( Business Social Compliance Initiative). The BSCI conditions ensures that no child labor is used, and crew members regularly get a chance to meet their family members. We encourage our suppliers to be accredited by the SA8000 standard.

We preferably have the tuna processed in same coastal state by which the tuna has been fished. However this is not always possible due to the remoteness of these countries, which makes it economically unattractive. The main reason for this is that all the packaging materials, such as steel plate – cans – pouches – cartons – labels – vegetable oil need to be imported from far away.

Therefore sustunable will in some cases – where processing in coastal states is not economically viable – choose to process in another country.

Tuna processing facilities should employ local population working under conditions meeting the BSCI social Code of Conduct. Tuna canning plants can provide work and income to over a thousand families.

We find it important that the tuna processing plants we work with also process tuna products for the local population, since tuna is high protein and healthy food source for them.

BSCI code of conduct will be applied to working conditions throughout the entire tuna supply chain – both on the boats and in the tuna processing plants.


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