With our planet's population continuing to increase along with the need for healthy and nutritious food, the global demand for the tuna “the world's favorite fish”  is also growing. 

To meet everybody's appetite for tuna in the future we will need to manage our oceans in such a way, that tuna will be fished in at a sustainable level, so that we secure this wonderful food source also for future generations. Finding and developing supply sources of tuna that can feed us, while protecting the natural and social environment is one of the greatest challenges that we face in our generation.

Sustunable is an international tuna trading and distribution company – a pioneer in providing responsibly caught tuna to its customers worldwide, while providing optimal transparency and 100% traceability throughout the entire tuna supply chain.

Sustunable combines extensive experience in global tuna sourcing, with world class expertise and know-how about all aspects of tuna fishing to supply tuna that is caught careful and selectively.
Our people have a deep understanding of the global tuna industry, relations with fishing companies, processing plants, but are also in constant dialogue with environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace and WWF.

Sustunable sources only from responsible or sustainable managed tuna fisheries with practices that can be maintained indefinitely without reducing the tuna’s ability to maintain its healthy population. Additionally the tuna fishery  must not adversely impact on other species within the eco-system by removing their food source, accidentally killing them, or damaging the ocean environment they life in.

What Drives us:
Our passion for Tuna and concern about our Planet.

The Vision which Inspires us:
Supplying tuna which has been caught and processed in harmony with our eco-system.

The Mission that Guides us:
To deliver excellent quality, healthy wild tuna to customers worldwide, caught without compromising the future of the oceans eco-system and at a level that can be maintained indefinitely.

Values that we Live by:
Competence, Reliable, Respect, Open, Dedication and Innovative.

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