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Sustunable bv – which is located in the Netherlands - was started early 2008 by Henk, who has been active in tuna trading for over 15 years – he saw the pressure on the global tuna resources increase to their maximum levels, and he found that it was time to develop a more responsible approach to tuna sourcing and marketing.

As a result of his experiences in the global tuna industry and his contacts with scientists, environmental groups, like WWF and Greenpeace, but also major retailers in the European market, he developed a business model which integrates a responsible approach to tuna sourcing with social accountability. The company aims to sell tuna at prices that are affordable to the average consumer, without positioning “responsibly caught and produced tuna“ as highly priced premium niche products only within the reach of those with larger budgets. Sustunable has been the worlds pioneer in the marketing of FAD free or Free school caught skipjack and yellowfin tuna.

The “sustunable” model applies optimal transparency throughout the entire tuna supply chain on responsible tuna fishing and social accountability by making information available directly to consumers using internet technology.

Currently, Sustunable delivers to more than 15 European supermarket chains their private label canned tuna products.

In 2010 Sustunable was honored to be invited by the 8 PNA island nations in the Pacific Ocean, to become their joint venture partner in the newly created tuna marketing company Pacifical cv. The PNA countries control about 25% of the world’s tuna catch. Pacifical cv has been set up by the countries to market their sustainably caught free school skipjack tuna – certified as sustainable by the MSC – under the regions Pacifical co-brand. More details on www.pacifical.com.

Henk Brus CEO:

Henk Brus was born in the Netherlands in 1957 as son of canned foods importer. After he finished his study on Psychology – he became a family therapist in 1980. In 1987 he decided to apply his problem solving and communications background to the commercial sector and accepted a position as junior sales man with the international canned fish importer MCM Foods bv. in the Netherlands From 1992 to 1998 he was vice-president of the company. During this period he expanded the company European wide presence especially in the canned tuna markets.

He has been a speaker at major tuna conferences over the last 15 years – and Co-chairman of the World Tuna Conferences in Bangkok.

In 1997 he delivered a speech at World Tuna '97 in Bangkok named "Sustainable Marketing: Necessity or Naïveté ?” promoting the sustainable use of tuna resources.

In 2000 he was one of the co-founders of the WTPO – the World Tuna Purse Seiner Organization - which aim was to halt the further expansion of the global tuna purse seiner fleet capacity.

Early 2007 he founded Sustunable bv.

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